Art Education

The Vernon Public Art Gallery offers a variety of educational programs to the students of School District #22. Our program offers exhibition tours and hands-on art activities designed to support and address the visual arts curriculum and to make cross-curricular connections that assist teachers, parents, and educators to develop an integrated approach to teaching. Discover the diversity, authenticity, and depth that contemporary art can bring to learning.

Exhibition Tours: The Vernon Public Art Gallery offers guided exhibition tours lead by dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They are trained to provide age appropriate information and facilitate critical discussion. The tours target various areas of the BC Curriculum and are designed to promote critical thinking while responding to original works of art.

Hands-on Activity: Students will participate in a hands-on activity related to the works of art viewed in the exhibition. Activities have been designed to reinforce specific aspects of the exhibition and provide students with experience in a variety of art media such as painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.

Teachers’ Guide: A comprehensive booklet containing background information about the exhibition, related vocabulary, and suggested pre-tour and post-tour classroom activities, will be sent to teachers prior to their scheduled tour. The booklet is intended to be a helpful teaching tool used to enhance your gallery visit and extend the learning outcomes covered within your gallery tour.

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