Sky Blue Waters

Lazuline:Tracey Kutschker, Lisa Figueroa, Linda Franklin October 16th - December 22, 2014
Lazuline: Sky Blue Waters
Opening Reception: Thursday October 16, 2014, 6:00-8:00 PM

For the past five years, the three artists of Lazuline have collaborated to explore their love of nature and the familiar landscapes of home. Throughout the process, they’ve each discovered that the landscape embraces them, whether it be the vision of Mt. Ida revealing herself after a turn on the Trans Canada Highway, or the smell of fir trees upon arriving home from work in the downtown core. We define ourselves by what is familiar, what is community. These artists have begun to define themselves by their surrounding landscape.

The concept of exploring the same scene through three diverse styles has evolved from a desire to share creative processes, to searching for their visceral purpose, their “raison d’être.” Abandoning the safety and isolation of individual studios, they were challenged to coalesce their artistic visions by using a triptych format, and have maintained their specific style while communicating their own version of “place.”

Lazuline’s canvases combine to depict landscapes untouched by urbanization, destruction and neglect. Memory and idealism subtly enter into a composition, telling the viewer that what we remember is sometimes more important than what is real.

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