Joanne Salé August 1 – October 31, 2013 ,

Joanne Salé, a Vernon, BC based artist will exhibit a series of drawings on paper with a sculptural installation in the exhibition titled Connections. Salé’s exhibition demonstrates and asserts her artistic competence when it comes to the production of diverse artwork whether it is drawing, painting, or sculpture. While equally proficient in realistic modelling, Salé navigates the field of abstraction with confidence and conceptual clarity.

Salé’s works in the exhibition are a result of sustained focus on the process of drawing itself while maintaining a restrained discipline during the evolution of drawing. Inspired by the images of various interconnected systems and networks, including natural formations of plants, fungi, roots, and organic matter found anywhere in the landscape, Salé accentuates the meaning of the word “connections” in her drawings. This conceptual strategy gives rise to abstract images which exhibit loose associative qualities in favour of disclosing concrete knowable references.

Salé’s site-specific sculptural installation created in the part of the gallery space is a three-dimensional itineration of the same concept captured in her drawings. Based on simple linear elements crisscrossing the allocated space, the installation is an abstract rendition which embodies Salé’s interest in artistic interpretation of complex structures based on naturally occurring phenomena.


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