Friends and Lovers

Marissa Brown August 1 – October 10, 2013 ,

Marissa Brown exhibits a suite of paintings in the exhibition titled Friends and Lovers. Inspired by a relationship guide titled Five Stages of Committed Relationship, Brown’s work address the issues of the human condition in the portraiture based painting.

The background of Brown’s work refers to and examines the topic of what constitutes a “chosen family” and how it may be formed. Brown points out in her artist statement that “… [a chosen family] consist of non-biological relations such as exes, friends, mentors, roommates, and lovers, who provide a network of mutual love and support in place of those traditionally provided by blood relations”.

Brown’s paintings provide narratives that blend various aspects of fantasy and fiction, yet they contain elements inspired by actual personal experiences.

Marissa Brown is an emerging artist living and working in Vernon, British Columbia.

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