Heavens Above

Andrea Toth May 28 - July 23, 2015

Andrea Toth at the VPAG 2007 exhibition

This posthumous exhibition brings back to Vernon the works of art created by Andrea Toth, a former Vernon resident and a past curator of the Vernon Public Art Gallery.Despite her short life, Toth’s achievements as a professional artist and educator are significant. As an artist, Toth developed a particular style in painting over the duration of her career. First she produced modestly-sized detailed and realistic drawings and paintings which referenced nature and natural forms. Her awareness about environmental issues continued to influence her subject matter, but as the time progressed, the forms became more abstracted and dissolved. The works increased in size and created an environment with encoded essences of different landscapes. After the inaugural MFA exhibition of paintings in Newcastle, Andrea’s works were exhibited at the Vernon Public Art Gallery in 2007. Following her graduation as a Master of Fine Arts, Andrea maintained her artistic practice and taught art at the University of Newcastle.

Exhibition Sponsored by;

Georgina (Toth) & Gordon Chipman
Mandy Reeves & Rob Creelman
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