lean, stumble, spill, sway, fold

Katherine Pickering January 5 - March 8, 2017

Katherine Pickering, untitled (mound-green), 2016, acrylic on canvas

Pickering’s exhibition titled lean, stumble, spill, sway, fold at the Vernon Public Art Gallery consists of shaped paintings and three-dimensional structures built entirely from canvas.Despite the fact that at the beginning the works start as two-dimensional paintings, the finished paintings are cut and shaped into three-dimensional sculptures. One can argue that these paintings / sculptures transcend both disciplines; the paintings are liberated from its rectangular format, and the sculptures are not defined solely by the physicality of media, but carry an additional meaning encapsulated in the painting on canvas from which it was created.

Katherine Pickering’s studio practice has always been focused on painting and a search for inventive ways of producing works of art that contribute to the contemporary discourse about the nature of painting and its propensity to communicate meaning. While her works are abstract in appearance, they conceptually reference visual phenomena and the psychological dimension of a human condition. In this sense, one can view Pickering’s work as an extension of existentialist ideas by providing the viewer with the physicality of space together with the objects of art in order to trigger associations about the possible meaning encapsulated in the work.

Join us for the opening reception of lean, stumble, spill, sway, fold, Rivers and Roads to Find You, Third Drawer Down, and WATER: The Sacred Relationship on Thursday January 12, 2017 at the gallery from 6 p.m-8 p.m.  Enjoy an evening of art, music, appies, beer, wine, and punch.

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