Briar Craig, Ericka Walker, and Mark Bovey July 30 - October 8, 2015

Briar Craig: Are You Near This Spot, 2013, Monotype, 49 x 36 in

This exhibition of leading Canadian print artists invokes a discussion about the use of text in contemporary art making in-general, and an inquiry where the three artists’ work fit into that tradition. Briar Craig (Associate Professor – Printmaking, UBC Okanagan) is flirting with a sophisticated proto-archaeological iteration of an anti-aesthetic, Ericka Walker’s (Assistant Professor – Printmaking, NSCAD University) work experiments with the immediacy of text, using an apparently political infrastructure and elements of poster propaganda, and Mark Bovey (Associate Professor – Chair of Fine Arts, NSCAD University) is interested in obscuring text with printed layers or, in some recent work, burying the image under the addition of cosmic symbology that elicits an expectation of literal explanation as a means of direction-finding or navigation.

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