Carolina Sanchez Bustamante October 15 - December 23, 2015

Installation image of fibre optics

Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante is Argentinean-born Vernon –based artist working in ceramics, fibre, and installation. Her installation titled Self-Similarity addresses the issues connected to the interpretation of the human condition in general. The installation consists of approximately 100 anthropomorphic ceramic forms 24 inches high placed in the close proximity to each other in the center of the gallery space. Approximately up to a 1500 strands of optical fibre are suspended from the ceiling directly above the conglomeration of the figures which are illuminated by the coloured light. The optic fibers are in constant slight movement caused by the viewers walking by and by the constant flow of air from the air ducts in the gallery space. The moving and repeating patterns of light serve as a metaphor for a fractal phenomena which repeat themselves on a micro, but also on a macro levels. In this sense the installation as a whole expresses the binary order related to the environment and the human condition.

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