You are Here

Chloe, I’m spiralling through life… But life gets better, Photograph 2016 You Are Here is a unique community-based ... Read More


Laura Ashton, Great Blue Heron with Drummonds Rush, 2017, watercolour, 18 x 24 in. Laura Ashton’s exhibition focuses on a ... Read More

Arctic Sojourn

Nicola Tibbetts, Landscape with Rocks, 2016, oil Arctic Sojourn consists of oil paintings, created by the artist who spent a ... Read More


Melanie Greenley, Mindful 1, 2017, photography, 30 x 60 in The exhibition Emergence introduces a new format of presentation of ... Read More

Art and Soul

Art and Soul opening reception 2016, photo by Josh Palmer Artwork created by secondary students from School District #22, displays ... Read More

Art From the Heart

The artwork in the annual exhibition by elementary students from School District #22, delights viewers with their creations, under ... Read More

reccurring cycles

recurring cycles: guardian, 2016, ed. 4, wood engraving, lithography, screen print, 42 x 30 in   Shinsuke Minegishi is a ... Read More

lean, stumble, spill, sway, fold

Katherine Pickering, untitled (mound-green), 2016, acrylic on canvas Pickering’s exhibition titled lean, stumble, spill, sway, ... Read More

Rivers and Roads to Find You

Nicole Young, Mission, 2016, mixed media Nicole Young’s exhibition Rivers and Roads to Find You consists of paintings and ... Read More

Third Drawer Down

Amber Powell, Milk of the Earth, 2016, mixed media on paper The exhibition Third Drawer Down was produced by Amber Powell, a ... Read More

WATER: The Sacred Relationship

 Teresa Walker, Heart Beat of the Water People, 2016, mixed media As Syilx People when we speak of health or healthy ... Read More


Lyndal Osborne, Curtain of Life, 2016, mixed media installation, detail, photo: Janet Savill The exhibition Coevolution produced ... Read More


Juve Furtado, Wild Sage, watercolour The exhibition titled Diversity was produced and juried by the members of the North Okanagan ... Read More


Destanne Norris, Serenity 3, oil on canvas, 2016, 8 x 10 in. The Vernon Public Art Gallery creates this annual exhibition to ... Read More

Blue Tornado Redux

Julie Oakes, Bat Column, 2015, 114 x 24 in, 40 porcelain bats, plexi-glass, wood, light, hardware   Julie Oakes, a ... Read More

Object Affections

Originally from Kelowna, Malcolm McCormick is currently a Vancouver based artist focused on the production of non-objective ... Read More