Jordan Bennett: Hunt Guide In Red Cedar, 2015, wood and acrylic, 12 x 12 x 2 in Jordan Bennett is a contemporary artist of ... Read More

Art From The Heart

Eden Dyck, Arctic Polar Bears, Watercolour, 2016, Homeschool  From HCOS The artwork in the annual exhibition Art from the Heart, ... Read More

Art and Soul

Kate Healy, Circle of Life, Gr. 12 VSS Art and Soul, a Vernon Public Art Gallery annual exhibition of artwork created by secondary ... Read More

The Body, Stranger

Image: Interior Distance, 2015, screen print on plexi-glass, 22 x 15 inches Calgary-based print artist will exhibit a body of work ... Read More

Urbicus Topia

Las Vegas, 2013, digital print on Kodak paper, 60 x 40 inches Vancouver-based artist Brad McMurray has produced large-scale ... Read More

conscious | unconsciousness

 Kelsie Balehowsky: Meat, Bathtub, Nude, 2015, digital print, 22 x 30 inches Kelsie Balehowsky is a Kelowna-based artist whose ... Read More


Nick Matovich: Untitled, 2015, acrylic on paper Extracurricular features the work of four tattoo artists from Vernon’s Five ... Read More


Installation image of fibre optics Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante is Argentinean-born Vernon –based artist working in ceramics, ... Read More


Gerry Marchand, Tide Pool, 2014, acrylic on canvas The Vernon Public Art Gallery annual members’ exhibition Exposed! returns for ... Read More


Sheldon Louis, Kinkanaqua: Hereditary Responsibilities, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches Sheldon Pierre Louis, Mariel Belanger, ... Read More

Pulling Threads

Mariel Belanger & Dean Louis, Poster Indians, Photogaphy Pulling Threads was a youth arts engagement project funded by First ... Read More

Border Line

Catherine Bennington, Once Over, detail, printmaking In the series of UV screen prints titled Border Line, Catherine Bennington ... Read More


Laura Widmer, Pearls, 2013, linocut, 30 x 22 in Laura Widmer is a Kelowna-based artist working primarily in relief printmaking. ... Read More


Briar Craig: Are You Near This Spot, 2013, Monotype, 49 x 36 in This exhibition of leading Canadian print artists invokes a ... Read More

Midsummer’s Eve of the Arts Preview

A preview of artworks submitted by local artists for Midsummer’s Eve of the Arts fundraiser auction this year at Turtle ... Read More

Heavens Above

Andrea Toth at the VPAG 2007 exhibition This posthumous exhibition brings back to Vernon the works of art created by Andrea Toth, ... Read More