Art and Soul

Art and Soul, a Vernon Public Art Gallery annual exhibition of artwork created by secondary students from School District #22, ... Read More

Art From the Heart

The artwork in the annual exhibition Art from the Heart, by elementary students from School District #22, delights viewers with ... Read More

The Keeper of Nothingness

Toronto based Scott Waters will present exhibition of paintings titled The Keeper of Nothingness. The exhibition is based on ... Read More


This group exhibition features sketches and drawings produced by artists during several Live Model Drawing Sessions organized by ... Read More


Vernon based artist Christine Kashuba will exhibit prints in the exhibition titled Thrown.  Thematically linked to baseball, the ... Read More

Stories and Dreams

The exhibition titled Stories and Dreams produced by Vernon based artist Paula Scott, investigates identity politics in ... Read More


The Gallery will organize and host an exhibition titled dis/Order produced by Amy Modahl, a Salmon Arm, BC based artist and ... Read More


The annual members’ exhibition titled Exposed! focuses on creating exhibition opportunities for Gallery members. The exhibition ... Read More


This newly formed arts collective brings together ten emerging and established First Nations artists who are the members of the ... Read More

Re-Mediating Curtis: Remix

Stephen Foster is a Kelowna, BC based artist and Associate Professor at the UBC Okanagan. Foster is a video and electronic media ... Read More

Hidden Treasures

The Vernon Public Art Gallery in partnership with the Mackie Lake House Foundation present an exhibition of paintings produced by ... Read More

Flowers and Tears

The Vernon Public Art Gallery is proud to present the work of Petula Pettman, a West Kelowna based artist with a prolific studio ... Read More

Just Passing Through

Julia Prudhomme is currently a Master of Fine Arts student at UBC Okanagan with a focus on photography and video installation. Her ... Read More


The Gallery annually hosts the UBC Okanagan BFA Graduation Exhibition, while creating exhibition opportunities for a group of ... Read More

Artist or Artisan: Where is the Line?

The Gallery will host an exhibition titled Artist or Artisan: Where is the Line?, a group exhibition featuring two and three ... Read More

Friends and Lovers

Marissa Brown exhibits a suite of paintings in the exhibition titled Friends and Lovers. Inspired by a relationship guide titled ... Read More