The New VPAG Project

A New Cultural Centre for Greater Vernon

Visit for more information. The countdown is on, vote YES at the Greater Vernon referendum on Saturday, October 20th!

Why does Greater Vernon need a new art gallery?

  1. Over 55,000 people call Greater Vernon home. The VPAG needs to expand to meet the growing needs of our area.
  2. A purpose-built facility in a more desirable location would give the VPAG greater exposure, allowing more financial security, driving tourism, and growing the art collection.
  3. A lack of adequate classroom space for educational programming and workshops at VPAG means missed opportunities for people of all ages in our community.
  4. The 589 historically valuable pieces of artwork in the permanent collection are currently at risk, and artists wanting to contribute to our collection are not doing so.
  5. VPAG’s building currently has a ‘B’ rating. Inadequate facilities equal an inability to access larger & international exhibitions from ‘A’ rated galleries.
  6. Results in missed arts and culture, economic development, job creation and tourism opportunities for both the gallery and our community.

Did you know…

  • The return (in the form of tax revenues) on public investment in the arts is $1.36 for every dollar invested. (Socio-economic Impacts of Arts and Cultural Organizations in BC: Grant Applicants to the BC Arts Council)
  • Studies (ie. Conference board of Canada; Vancouver Cultural Plan 2007) conclude that every dollar the municipality spends on arts and cultural activity results in between $7.00 and $13.00 in economic activity
  • In 2008 the cultural sector contributed $86 billion to the Canadian economy (Valuing Culture: Measuring and Understanding Canada’s Creative Economy)
  • The City of Vancouver estimates that for every dollar invested in the arts, arts organizations earn or raise an additional $12.75, which is re-invested in the local economy. (2004 Annual Review: Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Vancouver)
  • Studies show that attendees of cultural events are more likely to volunteer, feel a stronger sense of belonging in the community, and are more likely to make a charitable donation. (Social Effects of Culture, Hill Strategies)
  • Research has conclusively demonstrated the connection between arts exposure and academic performance, without exception concludes that learning is strengthened through participation in the arts. (Learning through the Arts, Queens University)

“Vernon cultural facility headed to referendum”

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