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David and Jorden Doody: Electric Sleep

Oct 8 - Dec 22

David and Jorden Doody work collaboratively and create sculptural installations, which often are difficult to decode or get a hint of what the narrative might be. Their sculptural practice's basic premise is to contrast the three-dimensional space we inhabit with the virtual reality apprehended on a screen.

The works they create are more accessible through examining the contextual underpinning of various interesting juxtapositions of sculptural elements. When viewing or experiencing the Doodys’ work, one inevitably ponders the materials and their use as they are varied and often inconsistent with the objects’ re-purposed signifiers.


The works are situated in a flux of screen culture and the omnipresence and proliferation of images, which are immaterial yet representational of three-dimensional archetypes. In contrast, the Doodys' sculptures often borrow the aesthetics of images seen on various devices. Still, they manufacture the three-dimensional assemblages that mimic the appearance of images seen on a screen.  The artists commit to experimenting and improvising, and at the same time, they use re-purposed ready-made objects, which complement their hand-built sculptural elements.

Printmaking at UBCO: The Repeatable Image 

Oct 8 - Dec 22

This exhibition consists of several prints created by students pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UBC Okanagan. Some prints have been produced by traditional methods, including relief prints, intaglio, and lithography. Screenprinting is a popular method used by the students, including ultraviolet light screenprinting, which uses non-toxic materials to produce highly detailed prints.

The Repeatable Image features various subject matter, which includes the questions surrounding the landscape and environmental stewardship, the human condition, and the exploration of formal abstract structures.

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