Untitled 20-18, Scott Bertram

Scott Bertram

We Cannot Say It Is There, And Yet We Cannot Say It Isn't

Jan 7 - March 10

Scott Bertram is introducing a new body of large-scale abstract paintings in the exhibition titled We Cannot Say It Is There, And Yet We Cannot Say It Isn’t. The paintings in the exhibition are very enigmatic and autonomous in that they do not reference the known world in any way. Formally, the paintings are akin to other non-representational structures which reference and construct deep space. Bertram’s paintings are ambiguous in the sense that they portray space which is often contradictory and the visual structures do not lend themselves to verbal interpretations which is always an issue with non-representational abstraction. This fact is also reflected in Bertram’s mode of operation while creating images without a preconceived idea what the painting will look like once considered finished.

His painting process relies on setting up circumstances for the chance and accidents to occur, then accepts the outcomes as a partial solution of his pictorial propositions.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Glowyn Pinili, Portrait

School District No.22

Elementary Students

Art from the Heart

Jan 7 - Feb 4

Artwork created by secondary students from School District #22, displays a maturity of handling various mediums and more importantly, demonstrates a strong conceptual approach.


Wheelchair accessible, Gender neutral bathrooms, Inclusive.

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