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The Intersection of Art and Music

Sounds Suspicions
Oct 7 - Dec 22

Inspired by the collaborative nature of the music collective, The intersection of art and music is an installation comprised of 3 parts. The first being an ambient music track where each member of the Sounds Suspicious collective submitted one sound or rhythm, which when composed together, create a collaborative song. The second part of the installation is a video projection. Again in the spirit of collaboration, each Sounds Suspicious member took a short video of something that inspires or compliments their music. The videos were compiled together to create an abstract visualizer that coincides with the audio track and is projected onto a circular sheet suspended from the ceiling. This circular sheet creates an immersive space where viewers can view and interact with the video from inside the circular space, or outside of it. The walls of the gallery will be filled with lyrics from each Sounds Suspicious member, creating a poem that resembles the 1920’s Dadaist cut-up technique.

Project Gallery

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