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A Visual Journey

Doris Charest
October 5 - December 20, 2023

A Visual Journey: Rediscovering Artistic Exploration at Mackie House


"During my time at Mackie House, I rediscovered my love for painting.  Life had been so busy that I hadn’t spent much time in my art studio this year.  However, my main goal during this residency was to paint the beautiful local scenery. 


Normally, I like to try out new and different painting techniques. But at first, I found myself going back to a more traditional way of painting.  However, as I got back into the swing of paintings, I started to explore new ideas.  I began by painting the amazing sunsets in the Okanagan region.  The first night I arrived, there was a breathtaking sunset and I painted it in several steps to capture its beauty.  I also included paintings of the skies and paths I saw while taking walks, as walking and hiking are part of my daily routine.  The third part of art show is all about flowers. I found a wildflower garden at the bird sanctuary, and even though it was the end of the season, I still found some inspiring flowers to paint.


This whole painting experience at the residency was a surprise for me.  I had to start with the basics again and slowly reintroduce experimentation in my art practice.  Happily, trying out experimental techniques became second nature again.  It felt like a smooth transition back into my art and I’m excited to share my artistic journey at Mackie House with you." - Doris Charest

A Visual Journey

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