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Bella Jiang, Jordan MacDonald, Emily-Jayne May Myatt, Julia Person, & Angela Wood
May 25 - July 12, 2023

Emergence is a group exhibition featuring the works of five recent graduates from UBCO's BFA program. The exhibition showcases a range of art forms, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media printmaking installation. The various artworks explore themes related to art history, the human condition, mental health and gender identity.

The artists in the exhibition draw on a variety of influences, including art history and traditional modes of artistic production, but include contemporary art forms as well as street graffiti and sculptural installation. Many of the works are based on research, and some are also informed by personal experiences and exploration.

Overall, the exhibition Emergence offers a diverse and thought-provoking collection of works that highlight the talent and creativity of these emerging artists, as well as their engagement with important social and cultural issues.


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